Maximize Your Kiln: The Advancer Shelf Solution

Maximize Your Kiln: The Advancer Shelf Solution

2024 Jun 26th

Introducing Advancer Shelves: a groundbreaking innovation in kiln furniture. These shelves, with their unique 5/16-inch thickness, are poised to revolutionize the way kilns are stacked and operated. Unlike their traditional counterparts, Advancer Shelves offer up to 20% more stacking space, allowing for the placement of five shelves in a single kiln. This means increased productivity and efficiency for pottery studios and ceramic manufacturers alike.

The lightweight construction of Advancer Shelves makes them a breeze to handle. Kiln operators will appreciate the reduced physical strain and enhanced safety during loading and unloading. Their smooth edges and rounded corners further minimize the risk of injuries and damage to both the shelves and the kiln.

Advancer Shelves are not just convenient—they're also high-performing. Made from silicon carbide material, they boast superior thermal conductivity, resulting in quicker firings and reduced energy consumption. This translates to cost savings and environmental benefits without compromising on firing quality.

Durability is another key feature of Advancer Shelves. They can withstand firings up to cone 16 (2642°F), ensuring they hold up under the most demanding conditions. Additionally, their increased load capacity and minimal scraping mean less maintenance and longer lifespan, saving both time and money for kiln operators.

In summary, Advancer Shelves offer a host of benefits that make them a must-have for any pottery studio or ceramic workshop. From maximizing kiln capacity to improving safety and efficiency, these shelves are set to redefine the standard for kiln furniture.

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