Brushing Clear Glaze

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Shake well. Apply one to two coats to shelf cone 04 (1060°C) bisque, unglazed or decorated with low-fire products. Dry thoroughly and fire to shelf cone 06 or 05 (999°C-1046°C). NT-BR S-2101, PB001, and IN1001 will fire to a gloss finish. C-300 and SN351 will fire to a matte finish.

Clear Satin & Matte Brush-On Glaze:

Apply to shelf cone 04 bisque. Apply 2 smooth, even coats. Note only 2 coats, heavy application may cause a cloudy finish. Fire to shelf cone 06.  Clean up with water.

Pure Brilliance Brush-On Glaze:

Mix clear glaze with palette knife. Sponge Application: Dab a clean sponge into glaze and dab one coat over colors on surface of bisque to cover. After the sponged coat has dried thoroughly, load glaze brush with glaze and brush on two coats. Allow to dry between coats. Brush Application: Load a glaze brush with glaze and apply two flowing coats. Let dry between coats. Let ware dry thoroughly. Set ware securely on clean, sharp stilts in kiln. Fire to cone 06.