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Add a Café 

Canadians LOVE that wonderful smell of coffee!  Adding a café to your studio offers a different kind of experience for your customer and gives your studio that “Hand Crafted Vibe” that pairs so well with Pottery Painting inviting people to “Unplug, Create and Socialize” with an amazing cup of “Hand Roasted Coffee”. 

High volume Pottery Painting studio’s generally have a café program!  

Great profit margins!  

Hours of operation are critical to success – many are open until 9:00pm and later on the weekends!   

 As you walk in the door and that coffee house smell invites you to “stay for a while” – paint some pottery and enjoy a coffee, latte, expresso – your time to relax and create. 

 A great way to get noticed in your community is to find a local coffee roaster and promote their products in your studio and ask them to cross promote your pottery painting studio – a win, win! 

 Having a local roaster allows you to promote Direct Trade, locally produced, roasted in small batches which means freshness and sustainability! Why not sell the bags of beans as well?   

 If you don’t have access to a local roaster, we have partnered with Smile Tiger Coffee Roasters – no mass scale production, roasted in small batches in Ontario and makes regular visits to their suppliers to get the best profiles possible from the beans. 

 We have taken the guess work out of what espresso machine to buy, we recommend the Jura X8 which is so easy to use and makes consistent quality espresso beverages.  Link to expresso machines 

 Of course, you may have your own preference and we can certainly get you any machine that you would like. 

 We have lease to own options available. 

 If you would like further information, please contact us at or 1-800-265-3232 – we are here to help!