New Chesapeake, Speckta-Clear & Edgeware!

New Chesapeake, Speckta-Clear & Edgeware!

2024 Jul 9th


Speckta-Clear functions as a high-gloss clear glaze with the added surprise of colored specks!

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2024 Stoneware Kit

The Stoneware Glaze Kit is a great option for mobile or off-site events, workshops, take-home kits, or stocking up your studio! This kit includes 12 stoneware glazes each in a 4 oz jar. This kit is great for testing your clay bodies and trying new combinations.  In Stock!

Stoneware Engobes

Stir well. Using a soft fan brush, apply 2-3 coats to wet clay, greenware or soft fired, cone 04 bisque (1940°F/1060°C). Allow the glaze to dry between each coat. If desired, apply 2-3 coats of another glaze overtop. Fire to preferred temperature; cone 5-10 (2167°F-2345°F / 1186°C-1285°C).

The Engobes will not stick to kiln shelves when 2 coats are applied, heavier application may cause the glaze to flux. Results can vary based on the kiln wash you have applied to your shelves. Testing is recommended. 

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Pottery Opportunity

X-Sponge II features a replacement sponge head. It is completely redesigned both internal and external structures. The stainless steel telescopic handle with a secure rubber grip has a male thread at its end and a sponge head has the female thread which making the replacement sponge effortlessly.

New Chesapeake

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Bisque Specials

Special order date for bisque and glaze is July 14 2024