Last Chance To Save on Christmas Bisque!  Ending This Sunday!

Last Chance To Save on Christmas Bisque! Ending This Sunday!

2024 Jun 26th

Last Chance to Save on Christmas in June

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Pre-order your Christmas bisque and receive an extra 10% discount.

Preorder dates June 5 - June 30th 2024

Approximate arrival date is October 1st, 2024.

These items will be shipped with your next order once they arrive.

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Quark S+ Pottery Wheel

Plug and play on this handy, portable wheel anywhere. All you need is a socket and power supply. Comes with an assortment of 5 bats. Optional Foot Pedal sold separately.

Check out these features of the Quark pottery wheel:

Auto-lock Split Splash Pan: Prevent excess water spillage with the innovative auto-lock feature. This magnetic splash pan splits for easy fitting, cleaning, and maintenance.

Reversible Wheeling: Customize your experience by reversing Quark's rotation to either clockwise or anti-clockwise, catering to both left and right-handed users.

Wireless Speed Control: Take control wirelessly with the optional Quark Foot Pedal, allowing you to adjust the pace effortlessly with just a tap of your foot.

Plus, enjoy peace of mind with a generous 5-year warranty.

Dremel Stilt Stone

Any Dremel tool is compatible with these stilt accessories. Whether it's constant or variable speed doesn't matter because these bits operate effectively through speed and a delicate touch.

Fired Snow

Creates a white three dimensional and snow-like effect.

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No Fired Snow

Achieve fluffy, snow-like effects effortlessly with this specialty glaze, Snowfall. Ideal for crafting intricate designs and dimensional scenes, simply use it with a writer-tip bottle for precision. For added texture, layer Snowfall with other non-toxic glazes to create captivating textured surfaces.

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Bisque Specials

Special order date for bisque and glaze is June 30th 2024

Special order date for molds is July 31st 2024