Brush Kit, Underglaze Pencils & Paint Trays!

Brush Kit, Underglaze Pencils & Paint Trays!

2024 Jul 5th

Round Loop

Xiem Loop Trimming Tools are made of heat-treated steel with comfortable ergonomic handles. Our a thin blade creates a very minimal amount of drag on the clay surface and provides a clean cut.

Xiem Loop Trimming Tools are excellent for carving and trimming on the wheel, sculpting and hollowing work.

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Shape Sponges

Simply sponge shapes, such as fish and flowers, onto your pieces! These little sponges are so cute, and simple to use. They're also great for kids, camps, and birthday parties! Each set includes 8 different sponge shapes.

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Underglaze Pencils

Underglaze pencils are ideal for DIY ceramic painting. Easy to use, rich color, easy to express the style of a hand-drawn sketch. a Variety of unique, decorative designs can be created.

Firing Range Cone 06 to Cone 10 (1652f - 2372f)

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Paint Palette

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Brush Kit

Contains the following brushes:

Golden Taklon Filbert R9170-8Shaders R9150-6, 10Rounds R9250-5, 8Angulars R9160-1/8", 3/4"

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Advancer Kiln Shelves

The only LO-MASS® advanced nitride-bonded kiln shelf with 30+ years of proven performance. ADVANCER® kiln shelves are 19x stronger and 50% lighter than conventional kiln shelves. Increase stacking space – save time and energy with ADVANCER® kiln shelves. Suitable for Electric, Gas and Soda firing.

ADVANCER® kiln shelves are glaze resistant with an ultra-low surface porosity of <1%. Kiln wash is optional for many applications. ADVANCER® kiln shelves will not warp even after hundreds of firings under heavy loads.

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Potter's Choice Flux (PCF)

Based on the widely popular PC-17 Honey Flux glaze, all of the colors in the Potter's Choice Flux glaze series line are the perfect addition to any potter's glaze tool box. These glazes are beautiful on textured surfaces where the glazes can break and show the clay body color.

The PCF's are great for layering with other Potter’s Choice glazes, AMACO Celadons, or AMACO Shino glazes. These glazes can be used alone or layered to soften the colors of other glazes and increase flow.

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Quark S + Pottery Wheel

Plug and play on this handy, portable wheel anywhere. All you need is a socket and power supply. Comes with an assortment of 5 bats. Optional Foot Pedal sold separately.

Check out these features of the Quark pottery wheel:

Auto-lock Split Splash Pan: Prevent excess water spillage with the innovative auto-lock feature. This magnetic splash pan splits for easy fitting, cleaning, and maintenance.

Reversible Wheeling: Customize your experience by reversing Quark's rotation to either clockwise or anti-clockwise, catering to both left and right-handed users.

Wireless Speed Control: Take control wirelessly with the optional Quark Foot Pedal, allowing you to adjust the pace effortlessly with just a tap of your foot.

Plus, enjoy peace of mind with a generous 5-year warranty.

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