Business Opportunties


 "A Franchise Without The Franchise Fees"

Ceramic Arts business partners are a dynamic combination of Artists and Retail Businesses.  They are energetic entrepreneurs who work closely with their local communities.   These businesses offer a wide variety of creative experiences such as workshops, advanced design classes, art lessons, social parties, team building, camps, community learning in schools and institutions, and open sessions for social creativity with friends and family in the fields of ceramic, glass and clay.  

  • Independent ownership = Freedom

  • Franchise ownership = Corporate control (isn't that what you want to get away from?)

  • Join the largest independent buying group in Canada

  • Excellent locations available


POTTERY PAINTING STUDIOS - Awesome, Cool, Fabulous and Fun!  This is what owning your own paint your own pottery business is all about.  Do you enjoy working with groups?  Love challenges!  Keen to Learn!  Have the organizational and business skills to start your own business?  Do you have time and financial resources?  Then paint your own pottery retail business could be for you! See here for more details.


Pottery painting studio's work closely with their local communities and provide a unique experience of “I created this myself” with their café/boutique type of setting.  They are the experts in the “paint your own pottery concept” . People from all ages enjoy parties, camps and corporate and community functions.  Many studios offer art classes, workshops and programs for schools and institutions.  Some studios travel with their services to community centers, daycares, homes, businesses and various institutions. Glass, Ceramic Bisque and Clay is all intermingled with dynamite results.  Click here for more information on Independent Paint Your Own Pottery Studios. 

FIRED ART RETAILERS - love the ideas of sharing their creative knowledge with their customers and community. They are the experts in Ceramic, Clay and Glass. They continually grow and learn all aspects of the Fired Art's Business. They love to share all this knowledge with their delighted customers who continue to enjoy the creative process of achieving unique art pieces year after year. Fired Art Studios teach art and technique classes and workshops for beginners through advanced in Ceramic, Clay and Glass. Some of these studios also work directly with molds and slip and retail ceramic related products.

There are many opportunities available for you to get started. As with any business you will also need to develop business skills, have the financial commitment for the business and  determine the number of hours you are prepare to commit each week.  Click here for more information on this great opportunity. 


Work At Home Business Opporunity - Is this for you?

Are you looking for an opportunity to start building your own business? Ceramic Art's offers fantastic work-at-home business opportunities in the fired arts industry in ceramic, glass and/or clay. It's your choice!  Click here for more information


POTTERS & CLAY ARTIST – are talented individuals who love to work with clay: potters, students, art educators and clay artists. Potters and Clay Artists work with both hi fire, mid-range and low fire clay and glazes.  They attend various community functions displaying their artistic talent and selling their designs. Some through boutique stores. Click here for more information


ART EDUCATORS - this program is developed for educators and their students by providing dynamic lesson plans & quick art projects with valuable information on nontoxic color lines.  Energize your existing cirriculum with helpful hints for a truly inspiring and creative learning environment.  This program also provides more extensive art lesson plans that can be applied to Language Arts, Math and Science. Click here for more information. by Wendy Maclellan


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